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my new favorite hobbies

  • drawing holmes acting bizarre
  • drawing ryuunosuke looking confused and/or exasperated
  • drawing both of these things happening at once

(i still want to know about that ring omfg)

Witless Stand by Awkward Zombie


my pen pressure went out so i just worked with it 

nanami…sweet angel of my heart (❁´◡`❁)

[2:25:39 PM] Miles Edgeworth: every proposal possibility is so good… I would make 10 AUs to sort all these possibilities out

[2:26:16 PM] Phoenix Wright: do iT

[2:33:29 PM] Miles Edgeworth: but now I’m imagining an AU clash and all of those narumitsus meet up and discuss about their proposal

[2:34:20 PM] Phoenix Wright: hoyl carp

[2:37:18 PM] Miles Edgeworth: “Who was it that proposed first, other me…?” “It was me.” “Hmph. It appears our Wrights were slow in mustering all their courage.”

[2:38:09 PM] Phoenix Wright: “Psst… how are you proposing to your Edgeworth?” “I already did.” “What? But I thought none of us did.” “I tried to, but I forgot the ring so next week we’re having a do-over.”

[2:42:03 PM] Phoenix Wright: “And then right after I said that, Trucy jumped out of the cake!” “Hey, that’s a pretty awesome idea!” “No stealsies.”

[2:44:53 PM] Miles Edgeworth: “How was your proposal carried out?” “I took Wright to a Japanese restaurant.” “A Japanese restaurant…? I assumed a French one may be much more suitable.” “… Don’t remind me.”

[2:53:07 PM] Phoenix Wright: “What was your proposal like?” “It was great! Everything was perfect! It’s too bad Edgeworth pointed out that the ring I bought was actually an earring. I mean, they just look the same, you know?” 

[3:01:20 PM] Miles Edgeworth: “Wright proposed first in your case? Did it go smoothly?” “I suppose you could say that - if the ring was actually a ring, not an earring.” “… Good grief. Wright doesn’t change, even if he’s in another universe.”

[3:07:17 PM] Phoenix Wright: “I’m so glad Edgeworth proposed to me at my favorite sushi place. The manager slips me 5% off on the hand rolls.”

[3:13:14 PM] Miles Edgeworth: “That is quite a fine proposal ring you own. I can clearly see the quality of it.” “Likewise. The ring you have comes from the nearby jewelry shop, does it not?” 

sometimes things just happen


{ longing for autumn }


Ace Attorney 3 - Trials and Tribulations.






They care about each other a lot. Aren’t they cute?


that is a damn dirty lie and i think we all know it layton


[loud sobbing in the distance]


We all knew this was coming ….